Thunder Bay Folk Festival Rules

Rules for the annual Thunder Bay Folk Music Festival.

Well folks, nobody likes them, but our insurance carrier and just plain common sense says there’s gotta be some rules, so here they are:

  1.   NO PETS, with the exception of certified service animals.

  2. NO weapons, fireworks, underage drinking or kegs.

  3.   Wear your festival wristband at all times.

  4. No amplified or loud recorded music in the camping areas.

  5. Quiet generators permitted in Night Owl Lane, Hootenanny Hollow, and Big Rig Camp during daylight hours. No generators in Sleepy Hollow. Please be considerate of your neighbors and use your generator only when absolutely necessary.

  6. No smoking in the stage areas, clubhouse, or children’s area.

  7. Don’t leave campfires unattended. Fires should be under 3’ high. The community bonfire and the drum kiva fires are to be managed by Folk Fest personnel only.

  8. The Thunder Bay Folk Society is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Please keep your valuables securely locked.

  9. The clubhouse building is for performer hospitality and staff only.

  10. Respect Everyone Always.  An attitude of community respect & personal responsibility will ensure an enjoyable weekend for everyone.

  11. There is no electricity or water hookups for campers. You may use the garden hose at the back of the clubhouse to get water.

  12. Please keep off all private property (see map).

  13. Be environmentally considerate.  Don’t litter.

  14. Drive Safely. Go slow and watch for kids and pedestrians. Please watch out for the seedling trees planted by the tractor club.

  15. Camping areas are closed to vehicle traffic after dusk.  You may park in day parking and walk into your campsite.

  16. Anyone engaged in unsafe or reckless behavior, underage drinking, public intoxication, illegal drug use, stealing, or any other disorderly behavior risk removal from the festival and possible arrest by local law enforcement agencies.  This includes adults knowingly providing alcohol to minors.

Late Night Dancing in the Barn Stage

Last year a, “Late Night Dancing in the Barn” policy was well received. Due to past comments from our festival goers who love to dance, they will get half of the Barn floor for dancing during the last two bands of the evening. Before the 9 pm band starts our MC will announce that the chairs are to be cleared from the front half of the barn. If the chair owners are not present, Folk Fest staff will move the chairs to the rear of or outside the Barn.

        Also, you’ll not be able to leave your chairs in the Barn overnight. Prior to closing the Barn Stage for the evening, festival staff will remove any remaining chairs from the barn. They will be placed just outside the barn before we sweep up and close for the evening. So if you want to place your chairs the next day to reserve a spot, you’ll have to do it in the in the morning after the barn opens.


An attitude of community respect & personal responsibility will ensure an enjoyable weekend for everyone.

 Happy Folk Fest!

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